Welcome to the Indiana Children’s Services Survey, sponsored by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA). For purposes of this survey, “child” refers to any individual age birth to 22 who has, or is at increased risk for, chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional conditions or requires health and related services of a type or amount beyond that required by children generally.

We request no more than 15 minutes of your time to complete this survey to help us learn more about your experience with services available or provided to children and their families. Your responses will be anonymous and will help inform system and service improvements that may better support children and their families.

Voluntary Participation: Your participation in this survey is voluntary. You do not have to answer any questions you do not want to answer. You can stop at any time. Your decision whether or not to participate will not affect the current services the child receives.

Notice of Privacy/Confidentiality: The survey does not ask you to provide any personal information that can be used to identify you or the child. Your responses will be kept private and not shared with others, except in aggregate form. Your responses are confidential and will not affect the current services you provide or the child receives.   

For More Information: If you have questions about the purpose of the survey or how to respond, please email or call 1-703-269-5589.