Research Consent and Authorization Form

TITLE: The IONS Discovery Lab: Other Measures


FUNDED BY:  Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS); Emerald Gate Charitable Trust; Walker Family Foundation

PURPOSE: IONS Discovery Laboratory or IDL (Pronounced “Ideal”) is a long-term research program at the Institute of Noetic Sciences for assessing the outcomes and mechanisms of noetic practices. As part of IDL, we study a variety of different noetic methods. This study is part of that effort. The purpose of the study is to evaluate Reiki and how it works.

PROCEDURES:  To be eligible for this study, you need to:
     ·be an English-speaking adult;
     ·willing to come to Rohnert Park, California between July 26 and August 6, 2021, for the study;
     ·have no signs of COVID-19;
     ·be comfortable receiving a 30-minute Reiki session with 6-8 study staff observing;
     ·be willing to complete all study activities; and
     ·currently have a physical injury (e.g., recent sprain, strain, or broken bone), mild cognitive impairment or memory problems, anxiety, or depressive symptoms.

Here are the steps included in this study. 

Step One: Review this study summary and consent. You will then be asked screening questions to ensure your eligibility. If you are eligible, the study team will contact you to schedule your 30-minute Reiki session and provide you with directions to your session.

Step Two: 48-hours before your appointment, you will receive an email link to complete another consent and survey online. This survey will take approximately 15-25 minutes to complete. The survey includes various questionnaires about your well-being, creativity, intuition, extraordinary human capacities, and how much you think the Reiki session may help you. You will not be able to have your Reiki session without completing this survey. 

Step Three: You will arrive at the DoubleTree in Rohnert Park, California, 15 minutes before your scheduled time and follow the signs to the study room. The study will be cleaned according to COVID guidelines before you arrive, and study staff will follow current masking guidelines. You will complete a form about your current well-being and a checklist of current symptoms you are experiencing. You will then be guided to the treatment room and be introduced to the Reiki Master and staff observers. You will be asked to sit in a reclining chair, close your eyes and relax. After 10 minutes of relaxation, the Reiki session will begin. The Reiki practitioner will place their hands lightly on different parts of your body throughout the 30-minute session. You will then leave the treatment room and complete two more forms: 1) one to write out any of your session experiences, and 2) one where you can check observations on a list you may have had. Your study activities for that day will then be complete. We anticipate the total time for this visit to be one hour.

Step Four: One week later, you will receive a link to another survey. This survey will take about 15 minutes to complete. To receive your participant compensation, you must complete this survey. Your participation in the study will then be complete. The total time to participate in this study, including surveys and one visit, is approximately 1 hr 45 min.
ACCESS TO YOUR TEST RESULTS: You will not have direct access to any individual test results.

RISKS: This is a minimal risk study in that it does not include any invasive interventions. Your comfort and safety are of the utmost importance, and protection against risk will occur at many levels. Your participation is strictly voluntary, and you may discontinue the study activities at any time.

Question Title

* BENEFITS: You may directly benefit from the Reiki session. You may also receive indirect benefit by supporting this research which serves to understand more about transformational practices.

ALTERNATIVES: You may choose not to be in this study, and you may also choose to discontinue the study at any time.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Methods to maintain participant confidentiality will adhere to US Federal guidelines for handling medical information (HIPAA standards). Hard copy data and subject contact information will be stored in locked files in locked offices. The digital data will be stored on a computer requiring a password to access. All programs and access to the system will be password protected with encrypted data transmission as needed for enhanced security.

COSTS: It will not cost you anything to participate in this study.

PARTICIPATION: If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this study now or in the future, contact Helané Wahbeh, (707) 779-8230. This research is being overseen by an Institutional Review Board (“IRB”). You may talk to the IRB Chair, Garret Yount, PhD, by emailing him at: if:
     • Your questions, concerns, or complaints are not being answered by the research team.
     • You want to talk to someone besides the research team.
     • You have questions about your rights as a research subject.
     • You want to get more information or provide input about this research. 

You do not have to join this or any research study. If you do join the study and later change your mind, you have the right to quit at any time. If you choose not to join any or all parts of this study or withdraw early from any or all aspects of the study, there will be no penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.

Suppose you decide you no longer want to participate in this research in the future. In that case, we will remove your name and any other identifiers from your data. Still, your data will not be destroyed, and we may continue to use it for research.

I have read and understood this consent form and agree to participate in the study.

6% of survey complete.