This is the « Leuven International Secondary School Survey » for internationally mobile and/or foreign families living in the wider Leuven area.

Dear parent,

In order to help you thrive as an internationally mobile and/or foreign family, the Leuven City Council is interested in learning about the educational needs of your children. This survey is part of the feasibility study for setting up an international secondary school in Leuven.

Among a diverse choice of Dutch-medium schools, Leuven currently has one international primary school with English as language of instruction for children between 4 and 12 years old. Today, families arriving in Leuven with older children will either have to send their children into the Flemish school system, send their children to an international secondary school closer to Brussels, or opt for home-schooling.

If you have a few minutes to spare, we would be grateful if you could give us insight into your family’s current schooling choices and the prospect of an international secondary school for your children. Your opinion is extremely important as it helps us focus our improvement efforts on the areas that matter most to our expat families. We hope to hear from all of you!

The survey consists of a few short multiple-choice questions and will take 10 minutes to complete.  Your responses will remain completely anonymous: they will only be reported in fully aggregated form and individual responses will not be shared. Please ensure you read each question all the way through before answering. Be assured that all answers you provide will be kept in the strictest confidentiality.

Thank you again for taking the time to complete this survey.

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Do you hereby authorize Pulso Europe CVBA to process your personal data for the purpose described above and in the privacy notice , and confirm that you are aware of and have been informed about the possibility of withdrawing this consent at any time and Pulso to ask you to remove your answers from his database?