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* 5. Tell us about your Invention / Product in no more than 150 words.  Make sure your answer is clear and concise and sets you apart from other applicants.

* 6. Select the tract in which your product / business falls.

* 7. Describe your target market in no more than 100 words

* 8. Describe your competitors (maximum 50 words)

* 9. What is the biggest challenge you face in growing your business / commercialising your product?

* 10. Select the option that describes your product maturity the best.

* 11. Describe your team and organisational structure

* 12. Do you have IP protection?

* 13. Type of IP

* 14. If protected, please provide relevant registration number/s

* 15. What is the marketability of your product? In other words, where do you expect market take up?

* 16. What is your anticipated market size?

* 17. Where did you first hear about the 2017 SA Innovation Summit Competitions?

* 18. Submit an image of your invention

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