1. Introduction

20% of survey complete.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), its Regional Office for Asia and Pacific, its Land and Water Division and the International Commission of Irrigation and Drainage are undertaking a survey on the uses and knowledge of the tools and products to support Irrigation Modernization.

This global survey is addressed to FAO projects, ICID members, Irrigation experts, project managers, field technicians, policy makers and other key stakeholders with competences in the field of irrigation modernization. You have been identified as one of them.

The aim of the survey is:
• to obtain your feedback on the existing tools and products developed by FAO and in particular MASSCOTE family of tools
• to identify your needs related to your area of work on irrigation modernization
• to inform the process for improving the provision of targeted tools and products to support irrigation modernization processes to suit your and other user needs.

This survey ask for general feedback on MASSCOTTE tools implementation and improvement and details at scheme level. (NOTE: Only one scheme can be documented in this survey. We are interested to document more schemes if possible. If you can provide feedbacks on other schemes, please fill the "scheme survey". https://www.research.net/s/IrrigationModernization-SchemeLevel-the link will be repreated at the end of the survey)

We also offer you the opportunity for contributing to improving or developing new tools and sharing information on irrigation modernization. Please provide your full contact information so that we can communicate directly with you as appropriate.

We will be grateful if you could take time to respond to this survey that will be closed on the 22 February 2013.

Results will immediately be synthesized to be discussed at an expert meeting on irrigation modernization end of February that will plan for the next generation of irrigation modernization support tools.

We believe the outcomes of the survey and then of the workshop will be of interest to you and your partners and all stakeholders working on irrigation modernization. We will share the outcomes with you by end of March.

* a definition of irrigation modernization (FAO consultation on modernization, Bangkok 1996): "Irrigation modernization is a process of technical and managerial upgrading (as opposed to mere rehabilitation) of irrigation schemes combined with institutional reforms, with the objective to improve resource utilization (labour, water, economic, environmental) and water delivery service to farms."

For any comments about the content of this survey or further information, please contact domitille.vallee@fao.org
This work was initiated and guided by Thierry Facon, FAO-RAP, Robina Wahaj, Daniel Renault, FAO Land & Water Division in consultation with ICID.

Additional information on tools and products are available at:
FAO: http://www.fao.org/irrigation
FAO-RAP website -http://www.fao.org/asiapacific/rap/home/en/
FAO/Catalogue of tools and products on land and water - http://www.fao.org/nr/water/landandwaterdays/downloads/catalogue_of_tools.pdf
ICID website: http://icid.org/