1. Introduction

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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), its Regional Office for Asia and Pacific, its Land and Water Division and the International Commission of Irrigation and Drainage are undertaking a survey on the uses and knowledge of the tools and products to support Irrigation Modernization.

This survey completes the survey on irrigation modernization -users feedback- - https://www.research.net/s/IrrigationModernizationReview. to add more details at scheme level.

Please fill first the global survey and fill this survey for each additional irrigation scheme you want to describe

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Reminder FAO has developed methodologies to analyse large irrigation schemes.

MASSCOTE stands for "MApping System and Services for Canal Operation TEchniques."

The MASSCOTE is a step-wise methodology to evaluate and analyze different components of an irrigation system and then develop a modernization plan. The modernization plan consists of physical, institutional, and managerial improvements in different components to improve water delivery service and cost effectiveness of operation and management.

The first part deals with evaluation and analysis of the current situation, practices and processes. In the second part a vision for the irrigation system is developed and targets are established. The modernization improvements are then planned to achieve these targets.

In addition, various more details modules have been developed or are being developped to improve the understanding on certain elements of the irrigation system:
MASSMUS is a module that looks at multiple use systesm of irrigation schemes.
MASSLIS is a module that analyzes in particular lift irrigation systems.
MASSPRESS is a module that focuses on the characteristics of pressurized systems.
MASSFISH is a module in development that focuses on the systems where fishery is an important activity.
In addition, a Gender Maintreaming module is developped to take into account the different gender roles and responsabilities.

For any comments about the content of this survey or further information, please contact domitille.vallee@fao.org