The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is taking a public opinion survey to help us improve our service at Michigan Welcome Centers. This is not for any sales or solicitation. MDOT is trying to find out how travelers in Michigan feel about the services available at Welcome Centers and would like to ask you a few questions on a strictly confidential basis.

* 2. Overall, how satisfied were you with your experience at this Michigan Welcome Center?

* 3. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  5 - Strongly Agree 4 - Somewhat Agree 3 - Neither Agree nor Disagree 2 - Somewhat Disagree 1 - Strongly Disagree Don't know
The Welcome Center staff was knowledgeable about travel and tourism.
The Welcome Center staff was courteous and helpful.
The Welcome Center was clean and well-maintained.
The rest rooms were clean and well-maintained.
I will visit a Michigan Welcome Center again in the future.

* 4. What was your primary purpose for stopping at this Michigan Welcome Center? (select one)

* 5. Which Welcome Center amenities did you use during your visit?
(select all that apply)

* 6. Do you have any comments or suggestions regarding this Michigan Welcome Center?

* 7. MDOT manages Michigan Welcome Centers, along with maintaining roads with an I, US or M designation, such as I-75, US-10, M-13, etc. Overall, how satisfied are you with the job MDOT is doing?

* 8. Are you a Michigan resident?

* 10. If you are not a Michigan resident, which state or country do you live in?

* 11. What is your gender?

* 12. What is your age?

* 13. Please mark the category that best describes the total combined income for everyone living in your household last year.

* 14. Your name (optional)

* 15. E-mail address (optional)

* 16. Date you were at the Welcome Center (MM/DD/YYYY format):