1. Getting Started

D Magazine invites you to cast your vote for the 2013 Best Lawyers in Dallas. Selected lawyers will be listed in the May 2013 issue. Your vote will help determine the Best Lawyers in Dallas. Please cast your votes bearing in mind the following question: Which lawyers in Dallas, of those whose work you have witnessed firsthand, would you rank among the current best? Your answer may include co-counsel, lawyers you have observed in court, and opposing counsel.

You may ONLY vote for lawyers within your area(s) of practice. To be counted, all ballots must include voter’s Texas Bar Number. You may nominate one lawyer within your firm and up to two lawyers from outside your firm. All must be within your area(s) of practice. Final decisions are deferred to the advisory committee and the publisher of D Magazine. Same-firm votes carry less weight than outside-firm votes. A high volume of same-firm votes does not guarantee a “best” listing.

Votes must be received by 5 p.m. on Friday, November 16, 2012.

One ballot per Texas Bar Number; all Texas Bar Numbers and practice areas will be verified. Self-nominations will be disregarded. Not that this would ever happen, but if we catch a lawyer attempting to game the system, he or she will be exposed for doing so on D Magazine’s blog, FrontBurner. Don't be a cheater.

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* 6. If answered "other" for Q5, please fill in practice area.

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