* 1. Name:

* 2. Title:

* 3. Phone Number:

* 4. Today's Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

* 5. Program Name:

* 6. City:

* 8. Program Concentration:

* 9. Site Visit Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Please take the time to complete the site visit questionnaire so that the JRC-DMS can monitor and improve its processes. Your feedback is important to us. Check the number which best describes your response to each statement below. The numbers correspond to the following values:

5 - Excellent   4 - Good   3 - Satisfactory   2 - Fair   1 - Poor

* 10. Arrangements of the Site Visit:

  5 4 3 2 1
Overall site visit arrangements by the JRC-DMS
Availability of the JRC-DMS to assist the program in preparing for the site visit
Communication of the JRC-DMS with the program before the visit

* 11. Comments Regarding Arrangements of the Site Visit:

* 13. The number of site visit team members was:

* 14. Performance of Site Visit Team:

  5 4 3 2 1
Site visitors’ attitude while conducting the site visit
Site visitors’ competence as surveyors/evaluators
Site visitors’ knowledge of the program through their pre-visit review of the self-study documents
Site visitors’ objectivity in interpreting and applying the Standards to the program
Site visitors’ interaction with program faculty and personnel during the visit
Site visitors’ interaction with students during the site visit
Site visitors’ conduct of the exit summation
Clarity of the report of findings during the exit summation

* 15. Comments Regarding Performance of Site Visit Team:

* 16. Accreditation Process (In its value to the program, rate these aspects of the accreditation review process)

  5 4 3 2 1
Self-study process
Self-study report
Site visit

* 17. Comments Regarding the Accreditation Process:

* 18. Rate the effectiveness of the overall CAAHEP accreditation system:

* 19. You are invited to share ideas for improving the accreditation process: