For many organizations, the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion has changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the social movement against racial injustice. Therefore, Brandon Hall Group has expanded its annual research effort to two surveys.

This survey examines how DEI efforts are changing due to political, economic and social factors as well as the changing priorities of your organization. We seek to understand how culture, systems and technology impact an organization's approach. 

In June, we launched a diversity and inclusion benchmarking study that examines the current state of diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations. 

This survey, 2020 Diversity and Inclusion, Part 2: What’s Changing?, will take 10-12 minutes to complete. To show our appreciation for your time, those who complete the survey and provide their email will receive:
·         A summary report of the survey results after data is cleaned and analyzed.
·         Immediate download access to the Brandon Hall Group webinar recording and slides, How Employers Can Bring People Together Through Inclusion.

Your survey responses will remain confidential and your name will not be given to any external parties. Your information will only be used for aggregate research purposes and to deliver your research summary results and complimentary research paper. If you provide permission, you also may be contacted by an analyst to request a qualitative research interview about the survey topic.

Thank you in advance for participating in our research. And, if you have not already, we urge you to take the first survey, 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking Study. Copy this link to your browser to take the survey:

Stay safe and healthy,

Claude Werder
Senior Vice President and Principal HCM Analyst
Brandon Hall Group