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Innovation Grant Application: FY 2019

Economic Mobility

Thank you for your city's interest in applying for the DollarWise Innovation Grant for 2019. This is the only application process for this year's DollarWise Grant application cycle. Please note, in order to streamline our grants program, DollarWise will not release a separate Summer Youth Campaign Grant application for 2019. Cities may apply for a DollarWise grant to fund their summer jobs programs using this application.

For FY 2019, five individual grants of $10,000 each will be awarded to cities with innovative programs or policies that foster economic mobility and income stability efforts for their residents.

The DollarWise Innovation Grant Program is designed to foster innovative programs that help working people and families, particularly within underserved and underrepresented communities, attain access to economic mobility.

2019 DollarWise grant applications should demonstrate a strong dedication to helping low & moderate-income residents improve their economic health and success. Applications should be specific about program implementation, key partnerships & funders, impact measurement, and replication in additional cities.

Please note:  DollarWise is more interested in funding activities that would experiment with new approaches, strategically inform program design or service delivery, or change policies that serve as barriers to economic mobility.  Use of funds that only result in an incremental increase in number of people served in an existing program (without innovation) will be less competitive.

Potential Areas of Focus

Application areas of focus may include (though not limited to):

  • Affordable Housing and Homeownership
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Financial Capability and Financial Education
  • Jobs and Livable Wages
  • Summer Youth Employment

Policy Efforts Surrounding Economic Mobility

DollarWise is also interested in supporting and learning about regional/local policy measures that alleviate the financial stress of their residents or remove barriers to economic mobility (e.g. eliminating bail bonds or probation fees, eliminating high fees for vehicle impoundment, discontinuing sentencing practices that may include jail time for residents who can’t pay traffic tickets, suspension of driver’s licenses without notification for inability to pay fines due to illness or unemployment etc.) 

Grants for Economic Mobility Research

Grants may be awarded to cities for implementation of programs or for the purpose of creating professional data analysis/statistically significant research surrounding economic mobility efforts and policy in their communities.

Potential Demographics Impacted:

Cities that apply for DollarWise grants should consider tailoring their applications to meet the needs of one or more of the following demographics (though not limited to):

  • Active Military and Veterans
  • Immigrant communities (including participants in ESL programs)
  • Members of the LGBTQ Community 
  • Residents Returning from Incarceration
  • Residents with Disabilities

  • Senior Citizens

  • Survivors of Domestic Abuse

  • Survivors of Substance Abuse
  • Young people (elementary school-college age)

Applications are due by 5:00pm EST on Friday, December 7th, 2018. From among the applicants, five will be selected to each receive an Innovation Grant of $10,000.

The United States Conference of Mayors' 87th Winter Meeting 
January 23-25, 2019
Washington, D.C. 

We encourage you to review your responses before submitting your application. Once the application is submitted, it cannot be revised or changed. 

If you have any questions regarding this application, the Innovation Grants, or The DollarWise Campaign, please contact James Kirby at 202.861.6759 or 

Thank you and good luck!

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