Survey Questionnaire

Is Project Management valued throughout your organization?  It’s time to find out!  This quick survey will give you the answers you need and show you where your organization falls on the Project Management spectrum.

* 1. What is your email address?

* 2. Our organization conducts a formal process to select projects.

* 3. Our organization recognizes the need for formal project management training.

* 4. Our organization has shown a willingness to change to mature in project management.

* 5. Our organization has a good understanding of project management practices.

* 6. Our organization has a system in place to manage project scope, schedule, and cost.

* 7. Our organization selects projects sponsors that are committed to the project.

* 8. When faced with a difficult or complex project, our organization:

* 9. Our company understands the meaning of “scope creep” and works to minimize it

* 10. Our organization assigns project managers that have been formally trained.

* 11. Our organization understand the value of being PMP® certified.

* 12. Our organization understands the importance of risk management.

* 13. Our organization has a defined and graduated system of skill sets for project managers.

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50% of survey complete.