Dear partner,

 We believe that great Customer Experience run the World and help brands to increase brand awareness, boost sales and generate more repeated customers.

Thus, we prepared a short Service Guru test which can help you to find your service & Customer Experience strengths and weaknesses. Also, it will check if your company is client-centric and whether your Customer experience processes are well-made.

We guarantee that after making the improvements, your Customer Experience service can bring stable income and other benefits.


The test consists of six blocks: general information and five diagnostic blocks


Five diagnostics blocks according to our CX service model:


1. RESPONSIBILITY: Who is responsible for the CX service in your company (special responsibility center, dedicated employees or department)?

2. STANDARTIZAION: Are there any CX service standards and procedures and what are they?

3. EVALUATION AND CONTROL: How are the assessment and CX controls built?

4. INTERNAL PROCESSES: If HR processes comply with CX service objectives? Are there any internal PR activities?

5. MANAGEMENT: How are planning and CX service management structured? Are all the employees involved?


If your score is more than 18 points – congratulations, your company has implemented a high-quality CX service management system.

If the score is lower – don’t upset, this is your development zone and it is necessary to develop an individual audit and a plan for updating the service management system.