Thank you for participating in Hyperion Research's 2019 Survey on the use and adoption of Legal Metrics and Key Performance Indicators. 

This survey is focused on how legal operations professionals and attorneys are using and getting the most out of their legal metrics and KPIs, and how those metrics are utilized within the organization. 

In answering the questions, please provide the best answer possible, using approximates where necessary. The survey should take 4 minutes to complete. Please make every effort to complete all responses.

Thank you.

Donations for Data Hyperion proudly presents our Donations for Data program.
We honor your investment of time with a deeper investment in our communities. Hyperion proudly presents our Donations for Data program. For every survey completion we receive, Hyperion will donate $10 to accredited charities benefiting youth and education.

Let's start with how you use KPI's

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* 1. How MATURE do you consider your organization's use of operational metrics and analytics?

Please provide your answer on a scale of 1 (not mature) to 5 (very mature). 

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* 2. How integrated are your available metrics into your normal work processes?

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* 3. When utilizing the following metrics, which do you believe provides you the most value?

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* 4. Which category of metrics or KPIs do you believe provide the most actionable information for legal operations improvement?