Our District is updating the plan for using technology in our schools.  We want to know how you use technology now, and what technology you'd like to use in the future. Thank you for answering the questions below to provide your input!

* 1. What grade are you in?

* 3. Compared to the other students in your school, do you consider yourself... (Choose one.)

* 4. What types of electronic devices do you have access to for your own use? (Choose all that apply.)

* 5. Which of these activities do you regularly do using technology? (Choose all that apply.)

* 6. Do you agree or disagree with the statements below? Please rate each statement in terms of how well it reflects the way you feel about your use of technology for learning.

  Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neutral Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree
The way we use technology in school is useful to my learning.
All of my teachers seem comfortable using technology.
I feel more in control of my learning when I can use technology.
Learning at school is more interesting when the teacher uses technology.
I feel more motivated to learn when I can work with others.
I understand some subjects better when I use technology to learn or practice.
Technology makes it easier to learn at my own pace.
I need to learn more technology skills to help with school and my career.
I use technology to be creative (art, music, graphics, design, or writing).
I use technology to express my opinions or share my knowledge.

* 7. Imagine you are designing the perfect school. Which of these technology tools would most help you with your learning? (Choose 5 at the most.)

* 8. Do you have any concerns or suggestions in regard to technology that you wish to share?