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Who We Are: The Organizational Culture Group (OCG) is committed to supporting individuals, groups and workplaces to affirm that people know that what they do matters, that they feel psychological safety and that they experience a sense of belonging

Why Kindness?
Each day, the media reminds us that our relationships are front and center in the discussions relating to how individuals thrive. We intuitively know that kindness is a powerful and meaningful antidote within everyone’s grasp because our society is built on a foundation of relationships and they connect individuals to families, work environments and communities. From playgrounds to our staffrooms, trusting and appreciative relationships lie at the heart of our challenges as well as our solutions. The quality of our relationships ultimately determines the health, well-being and success of any business and society.

What is the Kindness Engagement Index (KEI)?
This self-assessment will measure your Kindness Index within the three themes of kindness (Oneself, Colleagues, Community) as it links to the 12-Character Traits of Kindness.   Once completed your data will be blended with others globally who have taken this assessment, thus, granting you permission to see where the resting place is for each of the 24 questions.  At the end of the survey you will be able to download a user-friendly PDF of the definition of each character trait and a few jumpstart ideas to get you going.  We encourage you to reflect deeply on each question and their meaning for you in sustaining kindness to yourself, your colleagues and community.  The magic of building your character is that you can start anywhere, anyplace and to any degree that you want. These traits belong to you at the end of the day; they are not a commodity that, if given away, disappears. In fact, if you share them, they grow. Each of the twelve traits are interchangeable between your work and home life. 

Following are a series of questions over five (5) parts that will take approximately 6 minutes to complete.
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