A safe Anguilla is a prosperous Anguilla! The Royal Anguilla Police Force reviews this site every 24 hours. If you wish to report a situation requiring EMERGENCY response, please call 911 now. Otherwise, all anonymous reports to this site will be taken under advisement. An RAPF officer will follow-up with anyone choosing to provide their information and a request for contact. Thank you for your commitment.

* 1. What would you like to report?

* 2. How did you learn about this situation?

* 3. To the best of your knowledge, when and where did this occur and who was responsible?

* 4. Please describe whatever details you can regarding the activity you wish to report:

* 5. Do you wish to be contacted in regard to this report or if there is a monetary award for conviction in this situation? If Yes, please continue and complete question 6, below. If No, please SUBMIT your report by clicking the arrow, below.

* 6. OPTIONAL: This report is STRICTLY confidential, but if you wish the RAPF to contact you with regard to this report - or to receive any awards that may be offered for information leading to conviction, please provide the necessary information for an officer to reach you:

Thank you for your commitment to keep Anguilla safe. While every report must be verified in order to prosecute anyone engaged in illegal activities, your willingness to report is a service to our Country. Thank you again. Please click "Submit Confidential Report to RAPF" to ensure our receipt of your report.

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