MEI, which has managed the Further Mathematics Support Programme, FMSP, since 2009, and before that the Further Maths Network since 2005, has been awarded a contract by the DfE to manage the new Advanced Mathematics Support Programme, or AMSP, to support level 3 mathematics, including AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, and Core Maths qualifications.  

The AMSP aims to increase participation and provision in AS/A level Maths and Further Maths, and Core Maths, through an extensive programme of teacher professional development and support, enrichment activities and tuition for students, and the development of teaching resources. Initially, the contract is for two years, until April 2020, with a possibility of extension for two more years until 2022. The support that is currently provided by the FMSP, through a network of local Area Coordinators (ACs) and nationally coordinated programmes, will transfer to the new programme and in addition there will be support for schools and colleges to establish Core Maths teaching.

MEI intends to expand the network of ACs in order to deliver the increased level of support. We are therefore looking for new partner institutions to work with who would be able to employ an Area Coordinator, with the role funded by the AMSP.

Ideally a partner school/college would have:
  • good provision for teaching AS/A level Maths, AS/A level Further Maths and Core Maths;
  • a good understanding of the work of the FMSP and engaged with FMSP activities in the past;
  • an interest in improving level 3 mathematics provision in their local area;
  • a good track record of working with other schools / colleges in their area.
There would be a formal agreement between MEI and the partner institution. MEI would provide the funding to enable the partner institution to employ an AC to coordinate a range of support for schools and colleges in their local area. The agreement would commence on 1st September 2018 and run until the 30th April 2020 in the first instance. An extension beyond this may be possible if MEI secures further funding beyond April 2020.  The partner institution would be responsible for recruiting a suitably qualified person for the AC role, however MEI will provide assistance and help with the selection process. The AC could be a new appointment or an existing member of staff. Typically the AC role is a part-time position at 0.5 or 0.6 FTE. Draft details of the AC role are available via this link. Funding from MEI would cover the salary costs and overheads associated with employing the AC.

If you are interested in becoming a partner institution please complete the rest of this short expression of interest form. It will not require you to commit to anything further at this stage, other than to open a dialogue with MEI. It would be useful to have done this by noon on Friday 27th April in the first instance.

If you would like further information or to arrange for someone from the team to contact you please contact the MEI office - Email: Telephone: 01225 716492
Kevin Lord 
Further Mathematics Support Programme
Programme Leader

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