How Customer-Centric Is Your Organization?

Designing a unique experience that delivers on customers’ wants and needs at “Moments of Truth” is one of the best ways to drive "stickiness" – but it is not easy.  It is however crucial for an organization's success, especially with markets in flux and customer expectations continuing to rapidly evolve.

While it takes time and commitment, mature customer-centric organizations can attest that the prize of enduring loyalty and sustainable growth is undeniably worth it.

It's been shown that more mature customer-centric companies weather market fluctuations more robustly and can also be up to 60% more profitable than their less developed peers.  At Level5 Strategy, we help our clients to protect their market position, and unlock new pathways to growth through this lens of customer-centricity

Informed by our extensive client work, we have defined seven core dimensions embodied by customer-centric organizations and have shared ongoing research and insights (here and here, for example) that shed light on the distinguishing features that set more developed organizations apart from their peers. 

As the benchmark for excellence continues to be raised, our maturity model (depicted below), along with this assessment, can help paint a clear picture on where you think your organization stands in comparison to market leaders and uncover pragmatic takeaways to move the needle.

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By participating in this ongoing research - alongside a diverse group of leaders across several sectors, roles, and geographies - you will receive a personalized analysis of your organization's performance against industry and broader panel benchmarks, in addition to any consolidated insights.

There are two sections to this survey:
  • You, Your Organization and Your Role - to help set the context for your assessment and apply relevant sector benchmarks
  • Your Organization's Customer Centricity Maturity (24 multiple choice questions over seven pages, followed by three optional open-ended questions) - this is the core of the study
All data are treated as confidential - only Level5 Strategy will receive and analyze the results. Level5 Strategy takes the privacy of your personal information very seriously and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, email, etc.) to any third party.

The survey will take ~10 minutes to complete. Your overall progress will be indicated at the bottom of each page. We appreciate your participation!

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