How Customer-Centric Is Your Organization?

Creating unique and engaging experiences for customers at key moments along their journey is vital for driving loyalty and growth, yet challenging in today's dynamic markets. However, the most mature customer-centric organizations weather market fluctuations more robustly and can also be up to 60% more profitable than their less developed peers.

Informed by our extensive client work, we have identified the distinguishing features that set more developed organizations apart from their peers. This survey will allow us to generate for you a personalized analysis of how you see your organization's performance against industry and market benchmarks. Please respond with your organization in mind, though you may find it more useful to respond for a specific business unit if you work in a very large company.

There are two sections to this survey:
  • Your Organization's Customer Centricity Maturity - the core study consisting of 24 multiple choice questions and three optional open-ended questions
  • Your Organization and Your Role - seeking additional information to help us better apply relevant benchmarks

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