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The learning technology space has continued to grow substantially complex and vast, and the pandemic accelerated the need for organizations to reassess their entire approach to learning technology. Companies will need to create or recreate brand new technology ecosystems to meet the needs of a dynamically shifting workforce.

Brandon Hall Group’s new research initiative, Building the Next-Generation Learning Technology Ecosystem, seeks to understand how organizations are thinking about learning technology so they are prepared to deliver the skills the business needs now and in the future. Areas of inquiry include:
  • What kinds of technology are currently being leveraged?
  • What do organizations need from their learning technology?
  • What role does/will artificial intelligence and machine learning play?
The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. To show our appreciation for your time, those who complete the survey and provide their email will:
  • Receive summary results of the survey after data analysis. (6-8 weeks after launch)
  • Immediate download access to the Brandon Hall Group research summary, HCM Technology: How to Transform HR into a Digital Powerhouse.
Your survey responses will remain confidential and your name will not be given to any external parties. Your information will only be used for aggregate research purposes, or to deliver survey results or the complementary research report. If you agree to a qualitative research interview, you might be contacted by one of our analysts.

Thanks in advance for your help with this research project. 

Best regards,
David Wentworth
Principal Analyst
Brandon Hall Group