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This questionnaire is intended for LAG managers/Management team/LEADER project officers who have an understanding of LEADER Programme delivery across the LAG area. 

The questionnaire is intended for on-line delivery only. 

The person responding to the Questionnaire must be familiar with the LAG delivery activities. 

Please note:
This questionnaire is focused on LEADER implemented through the Rural Development Programme (RDP).

Funding for LEADER under RDP comes mainly from Measure 19 (M19) of the EU Rural Development Programme, although in some Member States and Regions LAGs may also have access to other European, National, Regional, or even local sources of funding.    

If your LAG is using a multi-fund option that requires the LAG to communicate with more than one Managing Authority (MA) or Paying Agency (PA), the focus of your responses should be only in relation to the MA & PA that manage the Rural Development Programme (RDP) part of your funding.
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