Covid-19 has highlighted the essential role of civil society organisations in responding to community needs whilst continuing to partner the Council to deliver Southwark’s vision of a fairer future for all.  The pandemic revealed hitherto unknown levels of need, including residents previously under the radar who have not had contact before with local support services. 

Whilst partners’ response to the crisis (eg Southwark Community Response Fund and the Community Hub) has been impressive, it is questionable how sustainable this is in the long term.   Partners are already working at capacity and at spending levels which are unlikely to be viable given tightening budgets and pressures to return to pre-pandemic ways of working. 

As we begin the recovery from Covid and look to “build back better,” the Council wants to review its grant-funding and support of the local voluntary and community sector.  To inform this enquiry, we would be interested to know your views on the following aspects of LB Southwark’s current approach to community investment.
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