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As part of ongoing research in high-performance Talent Management, Brandon Hall Group is conducting this annual industry survey to examine current practices and develop forward looking insights on how the best organizations acquire, manage and perpetually upgrade talent. This study’s results will inform:
  • Priorities and preparedness for managing tomorrow’s workforce (the problem)
  • Critical actions for building and sustaining a talent upgrade (the solution)
  • Impact of talent decisions and actions on the business (why it matters)

In response to your generous feedback, we will analyze the data, share our top findings, and offer actionable insights regarding high-performance talent management practices that have a measurable and reportable impact on the business.

Definitions of Terms

Talent Management (TM): A collection of talent processes (workforce planning & analytics, competency management, talent acquisition, performance management, learning & development, leadership development, career management, succession management, and total rewards) intended to support and enable a talent strategy.

High-Performance Talent Management: High-performance means a measurable impact on the business. High-performance talent management then is a strategic and sustainable approach to talent decisions and actions that are uniquely integrated and aligned with business goals in a fashion that has a measurable and reportable impact on the business.


Laci Loew
VP Talent Management Practice
Brandon Hall Group