Welcome to the League City Parks, Open Space, and Trails Master Plan 2016 Update Survey!

The City of League City is beginning the process of updating its Parks, Open Space, and Trails Master Plan, which will direct efforts and investments in the City’s parks and trails system for the future.  As one way of obtaining input from a cross-section of the community, the City is providing this survey to allow respondents to express their opinions, indicate their desires, and describe their usage patterns regarding the park system.

This survey should take no more than 10 to 12 minutes to complete.  You can choose to remain completely anonymous, or can provide contact information at the end if you wish to be placed on a contact list for further work on the Master Plan and other park system outreach efforts.  The City encourages you to either answer for your entire household, or have each person in your household take the survey.

For questions, please contact:

City of League City
attn:  Parks and Cultural Services
300 W. Walker Street
League City, TX  77573