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Thank you for your interest in being part of the Dragon's Den Competition & Pitch Showcase at Living Donation Week 2020 organized by The Centre for Living Organ Donation at UHN. To view the Call for Submissions click here.
There is no cost to attend or participate. All you need is a great idea, a  phone or computer to record your 2-4 minute pitch, and a reliable internet connection to participate in the live Dragon's Den Q&A Session should your submission be shortlisted for the online competition.  
The winning entries, to be announced on Friday September 18, 2020, will receive  planning and implementation support from the Centre for Living Organ Donation at UHN, including:

  • up to $10,000 to cover costs associated with further research, pilot testing or scaling the proposed project; and/or
  • mentorship and support from our distinguished faculty of educators, transplant researchers, and kidney and liver disease specialists. 
Submissions are welcome from Canadian students, fellows, researchers and staff and volunteers of community organizations with a presence in Ontario. 

Entries for the Dragon's Den Competition will be evaluated based on 5 criteria:
  1. Importance  – is the topic timely? Does it address an unmet need or gap in knowledge or care? Is it relevant to the mission of the Centre for Living Organ Donation or the Ajmera Transplant Centre at UHN?
  2. Contribution  –  does the project or research advance our understanding of the topic? Is it new or innovative? Could the findings lead to significant improvements in access to needed services, patient care or living donor experience?
  3. Clarity – Is the research or proposed project presented in an engaging way? Is it described clearly and succinctly? Is there a logical link between research question/goals, methods/activities and findings/outcomes?
  4. Operationalization – Are limitations and implications well described? Is the workplan reasonable/doable? Are potential barriers and sustainability and replicability considered?
  5. Popular Support – Poster Showcase viewers may vote for their favourite poster/project starting September 9 and the poll results will be taken into account in the selection of Dragon’s Den entries and the final score. The top voted pitch will automatically receive a wildcard spot in the Dragon’s Den Competition.

Winning projects must be conducted in partnership with the Centre for Living Organ Donation at UHN.

Please complete this form by Tuesday, September 1, 2020. Submissions will be accepted until September 8. 

If you have questions, or would like to discuss poster display options and presentation logistics with a member of the organizing team, email

Thanks for your interest!

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* 5. Please save your 2-4 minute video pitch to Google Drive or Dropbox and insert the link below with permission to download it. Alternatively, upload the file to Youtube, click Share, copy the URL and paste it below.

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* 6. Please attach backgrounder (research poster or PDF document up to 500 words) explaining your study or project and why it merits attention and resources. 

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