The purpose of this survey is to determine how the best people in a company are found and ultimately hired. Survey results will be used to figure out if traditional recruiting and hiring practices actually prevent strong people from getting jobs that they're fully capable of handling and excelling at.

* 1. Think about the best people in your company. These are the people who get promoted more often, are assigned the toughest challenges, consistently exceed expectations, get recognition and awards for achieving tough goals and receive the biggest raises and bonuses. As best as you can tell, which of the following represented how these people were found and hired?

* 2. How would you rank these sources for finding people who will ultimately make up the top-third of the people in any company?

  Great source for top people Very good source for top people Reasonable source for top people Marginal source for top people Terrible source for top people
Networking or employee referral
Internal corporate recruiter
Outside staffing firm (contingency)
RPO staffing firm (high volume)
University hiring program
Executive retained recruiter
Target active job-seekers who respond to job postings
Target passive candidates with compelling messages
Other (explain below)

* 3. What statement best represents your role in the hiring process?

* 4. Complete the following if you'd like a copy of this report and get invited to a free online webcast discussing the results.