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To show you how easy it is to accelerate Salesforce adoption in your organization, we are willing to put our money on the table - all $10,000 of it!

All you have to do is create a Whatfix Easy Flow (In-application Walk-through) on Salesforce and share the URL with us. The best Easy Flow will win the prize money. Your submissions will be measured on:

(a) Creativity and Originality: for using Whatfix in addressing a novel or original use case of sales, service or community cloud workflow;

(b) Productivity: for using Whatfix to reduce the training, task execution and information discovery time of sales and or service representative;

(c) Scalability: for using Whatfix to scale sales, service or community processes in terms of velocity, range and or size and;

(d) Efficiency: for using Whatfix to create in-app flows using minimal time and effort to create the flow.

Now, before you start, please ensure you have the following:
  • Whatfix Editor ExtensionDon’t have it? Learn how to install it here.
  • Salesforce Instance - Don’t have it? Learn how to create a free Developer account here.
For a quick tutorial on how to create an Easy Flow and generate its URL, please click here.

P.S. Please do not worry. Sharing the URL of your in-App Flow will not give anyone access to your Salesforce instance.

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