1. Service Characteristics

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Please take a few minutes to complete this survey on the quality of service we provide. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your honesty. With your help, we hope to improve services provided to our clients, families and referral agency.

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* 1. Please enter child OR parent's first and last name:

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Satisfaction of services received.
Communication with LCYDC Staff as needed.
Availability of LCYDC Staff when needed.
New skills learned by client in care that will help in the future.
Ability to express own ideas and ask questions.
Ability to give input on services provided to client (i.e. Treatment Plan, ISP).
Awareness of rights and responsibilities of client while receiving services from LCYDC.
Respect and support of my role as an important part of child's life by LCYDC.
Protection of privacy and confidentiality of client served at LCYDC.
Fairness of rules and guidelines of LCYDC.
Services received from Psychological Services.