Welcome to CSA Research's survey of translators and interpreters.

If you personally translate or interpret, we would like to hear from you! We're looking for established as well as aspiring or part-time professionals. We're interested in responses from freelancers as well as in-house staff.

Your information is confidential. We will anonymize all your answers and aggregate all responses. For more details, view our integrity policy. We also welcome you to contact us if you have any questions (survey@csa-research.com).

The survey should take 30 minutes to complete. To thank you for your time, we will send you a complimentary summary of the results six to eight weeks after the publication of the report and we will enter you in a drawing to win an iPad or one of three US$50 AMEX cards. 

To take this survey in Arabic, please click here. To take it in Persian, please click here. For all other languages, please use the drop-down menu.

Let's get started.