Consultations show that the community wants a new pavilion to replace the existing building and Scout hut on the West Liss recreation ground. This will provide a new facility for the community which will include a hall for the Scouts and other users to meet and will also provide proper changing rooms for those using the pitches. 

You can see an outline of what is proposed in Village Voice issue 40, at the Parish Office, and on our website

          >We have significant funding secured but still need to find £500,000 to complete building. We are working on several possible sources of additional funding, including the real possibility of a grant of £100,000 from the Football Foundation. It will be some time before we can be sure this funding is secured, but if we delay we can expect the price to rise.  The  present Parish Council also does not want to rely on funding outside of our control to deliver the pavilion.

We have therefore increased our call on the Council Tax for 2018/19 so that we have money available to proceed with the project without delay, but we will not use it if you do not support this loan proposal. Without agreement to this loan to get the project underway, it will not go ahead and the proposed new Pavilion will not be built. 

So, to avoid any further delay, we are proposing that Liss Parish Council should take out a loan now to cover all the outstanding £500,000.  This would mean that each band D household would pay up to an extra £10.99 a year as part of our call on the Council Tax (known as the precept) for repayment of the loan.  This is approximately a 3.2% increase over the 2018/19 precept to cover the loan repayment.  

Should we be successful in sourcing funds from the Community Infrastructure Levy, Liss Parish Council will use these funds to reduce the size of the loan, or repay part of the loan if it makes financial sense at that time for the village to do so.  The cost per dwelling will also reduce as the number of houses in the village increases. 

* Are you in favour of the project going ahead?

* Are you in favour of this project going ahead if it means your annual precept will be increased by £10.99 a year on a Band D household?