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Dear Participant,

Welcome to "Live FM: Fan Monitor", a research project aimed at understanding perceptions and behaviors of music fans!

In this edition we wish to understand your impressions towards Covid-19 crisis, attending music concerts again, purchase behavior and technology innovation in the music industry.

The study is anonymous and there is no "right or wrong" answer. We simply wish to know your opinion.

If you have any questions regarding the study, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for participating and enjoy!

Prof. Dr. Francisco Tigre Moura (IUBH University of Applied Sciences)
Prof. Dr. Damian Leschik (IUBH University of Applied Sciences)
Dr. Sandro Carnicelli Filho (University of the West of Scotland)
Dr. Emma Reid (University of the West of Scotland)
Prof. Gayle McPherson (University of the West of Scotland)
Dr. Andrea Insch (University of Otago)
Kathryn Mitchell (Staffordshire University)