Introduction - What is the purpose of this survey?

This is your chance to influence what happens to the whole of the parish in the future.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NP) looks ahead to 2036 and will sit alongside the new North Somerset Local Plan which is being prepared now. A key aspect of the NP is the use of land, particularly for housing development, but the survey starts with a few questions about the general nature of Locking and its setting so we can understand what you value about Locking and its communities. It then asks what you see as acceptable or necessary for the future.

In the preparation of a NP we must demonstrate that everyone in the Community has had a full and fair opportunity to give their views. It will enable our community to have a positive vision and to play a stronger role in shaping the future character of Locking. We would like your opinions to be included to ensure that the majority view of what is important to the rural residents of Locking Village - Flowerdown Park, Locking Grove, Locking Parklands, Oaktree Park goes into the preparation of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.

If sufficient responses and data are provided from replies, then we may proceed to the preparation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NP) which can be used to influence change at local authority level and play a stronger role in shaping the future of Locking and it’s communities. Therefore, it is important that as many people as possible participate in the survey to ensure a wide range of viewpoints can be taken into consideration, thus recognising the ‘individuality’ of the areas, so that greater cohesion can be brought about to achieve a much stronger community.

Without a Neighbourhood Plan any development will be decided entirely by other people.
Is support needed?

Quite simply YES! The Parish Council would like to see a WORKING GROUP set up within and by Parishioners to steer this project through – moral, practical, and time support from willing VOLUNTEERS to help the project succeed. It would be brilliant if we could get at least one representative from each of the five areas of Locking Parish to help build a stronger community.

If you have any questions about the survey or if you would like to join the working group, then please contact: The Parish Clerk via e-mail:

If you require paper copies of the survey, these can be obtained from Locking Parish Office, Parish Hall and The Radio Wing at Locking Parklands. Please return completed forms to the same venues before the deadline of the 31st October 2019.