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The FinOps Foundation’s mission is to build a community where we advance members by empowering them with standards and best practices through education so they can understand cloud financials as they shift over time. 

To support this ongoing mission, we conduct the annual survey to:
  • Discover and communicate insights about the FinOps discipline and industry to community practitioners
  • Help improve FinOps best practices, guide future content and educational programming
  • Provide anonymized, vendor-neutral information about the market on data.finops.org
This survey is up to 60 questions and should take no more than 25 minutes of your time. 

As a bonus for completing the full survey, you'll receive a thank you code for a free (new design) FinOps t-shirt soon as it’s available and also 30% off the FinOps Certified Practitioner self-paced training. 

Questions? Please email hello@finops.org

Ready to contribute? Let's start with who you are…

All responses will be kept anonymous and no personally identifiable information will be published. Salary information will be indexed and kept strictly confidential. Only Linux Foundation full time employees will have access to the raw survey data. No raw data with personally identifiable information will be shared with anyone outside the Linux Foundation. Reviews are attributed to your role, company size, and industry. Responses will be subject to the Linux Foundation's Privacy Policy, available at https://linuxfoundation.org/privacy. We will compile anonymized data from this survey to provide trends and analysis of the FinOps space.