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Please give the title of the webinar you attended.

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Please rate this webinar using a 5-point scale where “1” is “Poor” and “5” is “Excellent.”

  Poor Below Average Good Above Average Excellent
Please evaluate this webinar in terms of its usefulness to you and your organization
To what extent did the webinar live up to the expectations you developed from the abstract?
Please evaluate the topic (practical value, intellectual interest, impact, timeliness)
How would you rate the effectiveness of the speaker? (key points, clarity, etc.)
Please evaluate the visuals used in this session (clarity, size, etc.)
Was the speaker knowledgeable about the topic?
Did the speaker answer questions clearly and on topic?
Did the speaker avoid making a sales pitch?
How smoothly did the electronic webmeeting system work for you?
What is your overall evaluation of the quality of this talk?
Would you recommend this speaker/session to a friend/colleague?

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Please share any additional comments you have.