The Workplace Measures That Matter Most

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This survey is meant to determine which ideas and metrics are most important to you and our readers. As the workplace changes and the market shifts to more flexible types of space, we would like to know which measures represent the most value to you. Please take five minutes and let us know what type of information that you would like to see.

Note to survey takers: This is not meant to be a complete or exhaustive analytical review. Answers to the following questions are meant to be easily obtained so that we might encourage a higher level of survey participation and response. We will use the survey results to inform which ideas and metrics we will isolate and report to our readers in the future. The information we gather based on your answers to these questions should provide an insightful overview of trends in the use of space.

We welcome any comments, suggestions, thoughts or ideas that you might have. Please send an email to Thanks for taking the time to share your insights!