MHEF Funding General Information

The State Alliance of Michigan YMCAs is pleased to announce the Second Phase of Michigan Health Endowment funding for the following work:
HOST- Evidence based healthy out of school time programming in schools, community sites, and YMCAs
Michigan Swims-Based on YUSA Safety Around Water curriculum
Healthy Living Capacity Building- training and implementation of evidence based chronic disease prevention programs

Eligibility for MHEF Funding:
1.Be a dues paying and maintaining participation in the State Alliance of Michigan YMCAs
2.Take (or confirm) your Pledge on Yexchange for Healthy Eating Physical Activity (HEPA) and Safety Around Water (SAW).
3.Provide Timely submission of all documents, attend periodic grant coordination meetings, provide financial reports and evaluation materials.

Program Descriptions:
Healthy Out of School Time –Before, after or out of school provision of evidence based curricula such as Food & Fun, CATCH or Spark and HEPA standard compliance. Programs can be offered in schools, community sites or YMCAs. Total funds available- $400,000
Michigan Swims- Utilization of YUSA swim safety programs(based on five points of contact with each program participant). Programs can be delivered in school, community sites or YMCAs. Total funds available-$80,000
Healthy Living- to support Evidence Based YUSA Chronic Disease Prevention Programs- capacity building, training, right sizing staff team, piloting programs, developing marketing materials, and developing referral networks. Total funds available $40,000

Allocation Priorities.
Funding for the HOST and Michigan Swims programs will be based your evaluation for 2015 work and your 2016 proposed reach capacity, enhancements or expansion with additional funding awarded to Ys serving high risk populations, vulnerable communities, and working with newly established community partners.
New Healthy Living funding will be based on your proposal, sustained funding will be determined by evaluation of phase one work.

Important Dates
Funding cycle January 1-April 30, 2016
Proposals due- November 2nd
Awards announced-November 20th

Technical Assistance
For assistance please contact:
Fran Talsma
Jen Nicodemus