In partnership with Michigan Muskie Alliance, the Michigan DNR, Fisheries Division is investigating the Muskellunge fisheries of the State of Michigan. Muskellunge angler demographics and catch data are difficult to obtain through traditional survey methods by fisheries managers. By completing this survey you will be assisting fisheries managers in their evaluations, assessments, and trend monitoring of Michigan's Muskellunge fisheries. This information plays a key role in proper fisheries management and we appreciate your cooperation and feedback. Please fill out one survey per person per trip. You may complete a survey for each angling trip you make.

* 1. Date fished


* 2. Name of waterbody fished

* 3. County of waterbody fished

* 4. Time spent fishing

* 5. Which did you target most on your trip?

* 6. What method did you use most during your trip?

* 7. Have you previously completed this muskie survey for the 2018/19 fishing season?