CeFPro's Global Fintech Research 2022
Fintech Leaders is the most comprehensive study on the status of the fintech industry, with close to 2,000 votes cast and supported by an international Advisory Board consisting of more than 60 industry professionals. Fintech is often viewed as both risk and opportunity, though Fintech Leaders 2022 explores the key opportunities, the investment priorities, the key benefits and challenges, future drivers, as well as numerous case studies and rankings. All participants in the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the final report.

The survey has been divided into 3 sections:

1. Intro: Overall Fintech and Regtech leader selection and basic information about you (est. 2 min)
2. Rankings: individual category rankings of Fintech Leaders (est. 2 min)
3. Opinions: Key market trends, priorities and challenges (est. 4 min)

CeFPro asks all respondents to only answer those sections relevant to your experience and knowledge.
Most questions are not compulsory, with the exception of those where an * is marked.
CeFPro prefers that you use a business email address so that your response can be validated.

Question Title

* 1. About you
All responses will be treated as strictly confidential and all data collected will only be used by CeFPro for analysis. CeFPro requires name, company and email to validate responses and to send respondents a copy of the final report and results. No contact information or data will be shared with third parties

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* 4. Which organization do you consider to be the best current fintech service solution provider or consultancy? (please rank in order of preference)

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* 5. Please select the areas relevant to your business activities (we recommend 3 or 4 categories, to avoid an overly long survey).

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