For over 20 years, SA Water has supported a wide range of programs, organisations and events across South Australia. In 2018, we're launching our Community Partnerships Program, which is a refreshed program focused on supporting events and initiatives in local communities across our state. We encourage South Australian-based community event/program organisers and not-for-profit organisations that have a clear link to water or water usage, and demonstrate a strong alignment with our vision of delivering world class water services for a better life, to apply for the program.

Please fill out all of the criteria below, and include as much detail are required - the comment boxes below will expand based on the length of your answers. Thank you, and we look forward to reading your application.

* 1. How did you hear about the program?

* 2. Application Details

* 3. Contact Details

* 4. Background information on your organisation:
Mission, vision, and long-term goals.

* 5. Description of event/program:
Please include objectives, background information, location, and duration.

* 6. Alignment with SA Water’s vision: World Class Water Services for a Better Life.
How does the activity/project support SA Water's role in the delivery of water and sewerage services across South Australia? Or, how does your organisation demonstrate the use of water to create a better life for your community?

* 7. Support sought from SA Water:
Funding amount, in-kind, or both? What date do you require this support?

* 8. Your audience:
Projected size of audience and demographics.

* 9. Community engagement opportunities:
Outline any opportunities for SA Water to engage with your local community through your event/program.

* 10. Media and promotion opportunities:
Proposed marketing and promotional activities that you will undertake to support the event/program - how will SA Water be recognised?

* 11. Opportunities for SA Water staff engagement:
Outline if SA Water staff can be involved in the event/program, and how many.

* 12. Other sponsors:
What other organisations are supporting your event/program?

* 13. History with SA Water:
If SA Water has previously supported your organisation, outline the support received - please note, previous support will not influence the outcome of your application.

* 14. Evaluation:
Do you agree to completing a formal evaluation of the partnership within six weeks of the completion of your event/program?

* 15. If you do not receive funding, will your event/program proceed?

* 16. I confirm that all information provided is accurate.