For the last 19 years EconSearch has been contracted by PIRSA to report on the economic and social indicators for the Southern and Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fisheries. The purpose of the reporting is to develop and present a consistent time series of economic and social indicators which can be used to inform and improve management.

The indicators have been used widely by industry to demonstrate the significant economic and social contribution the fisheries make to the regional economy and the state as a whole. A key component of the economic indicator reporting is the estimation of the impact of the fisheries on regional and South Australian income and employment.

Information provided by you in the survey process will remain strictly confidential and all related documentation will be destroyed after the information has been processed. Reporting of results will occur only at an aggregate level so that individuals cannot be identified. We can provide you with a signed Confidentiality Agreement on behalf of EconSearch, to guarantee the strict confidentiality of any information provided by you for the project.

You can complete the survey in one of the following ways:

1.       Complete the survey online. Click the blue 'Next' button at the bottom of this page. 

2.       Complete the survey via post. A paper copy of the survey has been sent to you in addition to the electronic version of the survey. Please use the postage paid envelope to return the survey to EconSearch. 

3.       Complete the survey over the phone. Please call Meg Magnusson at EconSearch on 08 7324 6190 to organise a time for a phone interview.

4.       Complete the survey in a face-to-face interview. An EconSearch representative will be travelling to regional areas in late October and November to conduct face-to-face interviews with licence holders and nominees in the Southern and Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fisheries. We will be in contact during September to organise a convenient time to meet and take the survey. If you would like to organise a time for a face-to-face interview, please call Meg Magnusson on 08 7324 6190.

A draft copy of the economic indicators report will be provided to the Associations Executive Officers, Nathan Kimber (Southern Zone) and Kyri Toumazos (Northern Zone), prior to the finalisation of the reports. This will ensure that the interests of licence holders will not be compromised through the publication of inappropriate or inadvertent confidential information.

This is your opportunity to ensure that an independent and unbiased assessment is made of the economic performance of the fishery. However, this can only be achieved with the cooperation of you, the licence holder. If you have any questions, please call Meg or Julian Morison on 08 7324 6190.