Commercial and contract management are critical functions of successful organisations worldwide. Businesses and public sector agencies need to be able to meet the challenges of developing these competencies to cope with an increasingly complex and constantly changing international environment.

Drawing on the combined expertise and research of IACCM, Leeds University Business School and the School of Law, this Masters degree will provide you with a sophisticated understanding of the essential business and legal processes required to develop and sustain competitive commercial policies and practices and to manage complex contracts across a range of organisations and sectors.

You’ll develop the skills to influence and implement commercial models, reconcile interests across stakeholder groups and negotiate and manage high value contracts, both domestically and internationally, and the ability to identify, mitigate and manage risk. You’ll also gain essential understanding of how contracting processes can support the strategic goals and reputation of the organisation.

The course will have strong links with employers and professionals involved in commercial management worldwide. You will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the day-to-day practice of commercial management, providing a practical learning experience designed to help you manage the current challenges facing organisations across the globe.

Graduates will be equipped with a valuable combination of the right skills, networks, ideas and experiences to lead and manage all aspects of commercial management, contracting and negotiation processes.

The course is planned to be available as either a one-year full-time or two year part-time programme, with extensive on-line study, together with periodic on-site activities (long weekend) and occasional optional study tours.

Current planned modules:

-          Introduction to commercial and contract management: preparing for the future

-          The contracting process: a life-cycle perspective of value

-          Business strategy, risk and opportunity management

-          People and Behaviour in and across global organisations

-          Data Analytics and its application for Commercial & Contract Management

-          Managing the pre award: dynamics, complexities and relationships

-          Implementing contracts: operations and supply chain management

-          Rescuing troubled contracts: anticipating, managing and solving under-performance

-          Design and managing contracts and commercial capabilities in a complex environment : putting skills into practice

-          Final dissertation and research methods training

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