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Purpose of this survey

Through this survey we are asking Canadians about the views and ideas concerning the formation of a National Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Museum. The concept of such a museum is described in the paragraphs below.
All national museums are mandated by the Museums Act. The Act states that “the heritage of Canada and all its peoples is an important part of the world heritage and must be preserved for present and future generations”.
All national museums must:
  • play an essential role, individually and together with other museums and like institutions, in preserving and promoting the heritage of Canada and all its peoples throughout Canada and abroad and contributing to the collective memory and sense of identity of all Canadians; and
  • be a source of inspiration, research, learning and entertainment that belongs to all Canadians and provides, in both official languages, a service that is essential to Canadian culture and available to all.
The current RCMP Heritage Centre, located in Regina, Saskatchewan is operated as a non-profit and not owned or operated by the RCMP. The new National RCMP Museum would be established as a federal Crown Corporation, not owned or operated by the RCMP.
After you’ve read the description below, please take a few minutes to fill out a short survey. Let us know what kind of experience you would want or expect from a National RCMP Museum as well as the role that you think such a museum should play in Canada.


Towards a National RCMP Museum

It’s an idea whose time has come: A national museum dedicated to sharing stories and experiences about an iconic Canadian institution with deep roots in Canadian history.

With excitement building around the 150th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and supported by a mandate to commemorate this significant part of Canadian history, the RCMP Heritage Centre is advancing plans to become Canada’s newest national museum.

Museums serve a civic purpose. In becoming Canada’s newest national museum, the RCMP Heritage Centre will engage Canadians in exploring the best ways to honour the past with authenticity and to tell even the most difficult stories with dignity and compassion.

This will be a place of celebration and discovery, of reflection and reconciliation.

Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, the National RCMP Museum will realize that vision by pursuing two important goals: first, to pay tribute to the extraordinary dedication, duty, and service of generations of Canadian Mounties and civilian employees, both past and present; and second, to serve as a trusted and safe place of fact and context, recognizing that there are different truths for different people based on lived experiences.

This will be a place to listen, learn and build connections.

The National RCMP Museum will be a place full of stories: stories that inspire and unite; stories that expose difficult issues; stories that open the door to a deeper understanding and to new opportunities to know each other better.
These will be uniquely Canadian stories that Canadians want told.

A place for all people, this museum will be a site of social impact—one that embraces a diversity of experiences and perspectives in everything we do.

There are many proud chapters in the RCMP story, and others that are intensely painful. By acknowledging the struggles of the past, the Museum will offer the chance for visitors to reflect, hear from diverse perspectives, and learn about Canada’s history and its future.

Question Title

* 1. Of the objectives listed below, which one(s) do you think best describe why museums are important to Canadian society?  (select all that apply)

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