Why do some questions have square buttons while others have circles?

Closed-ended question types will either have circular radio buttons or square checkbox buttons, depending on the question settings. The shape of the button determines how many answer choices a respondent is allowed to select.

Radio Buttons: 
Radio buttons indicate that respondents can only select one answer from the list of choices. When a respondent selects an answer choice, all other answer choices are deselected automatically.

Checkboxes indicate that respondents are allowed to select multiple answers from the list of choices.

Please take this survey seriously as your opinion(s) really matters. Thank you. 

* 1. How long have you lived in the City of Madeira Beach?

* 2. What type of residence do you think the City of Madeira Beach needs more of?

* 3. Do you own property or a home in the City of Madeira Beach?

* 4. Do you own a business in the City of Madeira Beach?

* 5. To which age group do you belong?

* 6. What is your approximate pre-tax household income?

* 7. What kind of resident are you?

* 8. What is your sex?

* 9. What is your highest level of education attained?

* 10. What best describes your primary residence in the City of Madeira Beach?