Please take the confidential manufacturing communications survey. Upon completion, you will have the option to enter a random drawing for a $250 American Express® gift card. All entrants will also receive an advance copy of the survey results.

* 1. What are you using as the primary form of communication to reach others in your manufacturing operation?

* 2. How important are the following for your communication system? (Check one for each statement: Very Important, Important, Somewhat Important, Not Important)

  Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Helping to protect workers with safety features
Having integrated voice and data applications
Being able to communicate from any device or network
Reaching workers in any location, on-site and off-site
Resolving problems quickly by instantly connecting the right people
Hearing clearly anywhere, even in noisy plant conditions
Keeping communications secure to avoid IT threats and cybersecurity hacks

* 3. How can two-way radios benefit your operation? Check all that apply.

* 4. What is the biggest challenge with your current communication set-up?

* 5. How well does your current communication system work during emergency situations?

* 6. Of the following communication system services, which do you feel would improve the performance of your workplace operations? Check all that apply.

* 7. Are most workers within your operation using multiple devices to communicate with each other (examples include two-way radios, smartphones, landlines, PC/laptops, tablets, etc.)?

20% of survey complete.