Mission Bay School Access Plan Survey

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The San Francisco Unified School District is building a new elementary school in Mission Bay at the intersection of 6th Street and Mission Bay Boulevard South. District 6 supervisor Matt Dorsey has requested that the San Francisco County Transportation Authority develop a plan to ensure the new school is comfortable and safe to access by walking and biking. The project will identify key barriers to active transportation near the school site and design infrastructure improvements which support safe and comfortable access for all ages and abilities.

This plan is informed by findings from San Francisco’s citywide School Access Plan, which has found that caregivers want investments in infrastructure that supports safer school trips. The plan will also advance the goals of San Francisco's Safe Routes to School Program, including reducing the portion of school trips made in a single-family vehicle to 30% by 2030.

Please help us identify key barriers near the school which need to be improved to make traveling feel safe.

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