Purpose and Approach
The American Center for Mobility (ACM), in conjunction with the Michigan Alliance for Greater Mobility Advancement (MAGMA), seek to better understand the perspective of industry experts on addressing current and future occupational skill deficiencies, creating alternative talent development avenues, and identifying key competencies for the rapidly evolving mobility workforce. The mobility workforce encompasses the convergence of manufacturing, IT, and communications. This includes connected and autonomous vehicles, onboard computer systems, application of artificial intelligence, sensor, and communications technologies.

This research is focused on middle-skill, middle-wage occupations. Including technicians, software developers, quality testing, and those occupations that may benefit from post-secondary training, or a US Department of Labor registered apprenticeship, but not exclusively a bachelor ’s degree for job attainment.

Collaborators in the dissemination of this survey include the American Center for Mobility (ACM), the ACM Academic Consortium, Automation Alley, MichAuto, the Michigan Defense Center, the Michigan Talent Investment Agency, Apprenti, Advance Michigan, and the William Davidson Foundation.

This survey is sponsored by ACM, a uniquely purpose-built not-for-profit facility at the historic Willow Run Airport with a mission to validate connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technology, as well as, accelerate the development of industry standards, and workforce development and education to improve transportation systems. 

This survey is expected to take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Privacy of Survey Responses

Individuals responding to this survey will remain anonymous in any aggregate reporting and resulting collateral supporting dissemination the survey results. ACM, MAGMA/WIN, and the Ralph C Wilson Jr Foundation will not disclose the names or contact information for any individual respondent.

What’s in it for You?

100 randomly selected respondents who fully complete the survey will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card by email in June 2019. Respondents will also receive a copy of the resulting report. Your perspective is critical to a broad understanding of the dynamics and rapidly changing employer needs for talent and training.