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Dear Young Researcher,

Euroscience is a European non-profit grassroots association devoted to promoting Science and Innovation. This questionnaire has been developed by Euroscience in order to enhance the knowledge about young researchers needs and help to improve their situation in relation to research career. There is a lack of comparable data on young researchers’ situation across Europe. Euroscience’s aim is to focus specifically on Young Researchers (master’s students, doctoral candidates as well as post-docs) therefore we would like to have your input about your own experiences. We would be grateful if you can answer the questionnaire below. It should only take you around 30 minutes.

Your contribution will help Euroscience to:
- Analyze the current situation of young researchers, also to be discussed at the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) 2012, Europe's largest general science conference.
- Produce a statement addressed to the European Commission;
- Publish an article in a scientific journal;
- Disseminate the results to stakeholders and policy makers at the European level;
- Initiate an active engagement with decision makers to tackle and include the identified problems on political agendas.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Tindemans
Secretary General of Euroscience

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- The collected data and the subsequent analysis will not be associated to any name.
- You can access, amend or erase your data anytime whilst the survey is open.
- The data will be used for the sole purpose of the survey study which has no commercial purpose.
- The data provided will be stored for the length of the study.
- Only Euroscience reserves to the right to access the data.
- No transmission of data will be authorized to third parties.