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The goals of the survey are to:
·         Understand current stakeholder requirements for all services provided by FSS and FIC.
·         Identify possible service delivery and safety enhancements.

Survey introduction/context
NAV CANADA is initiating a review of the service delivery methods and services provided  by our Flight Service Stations (FSS) and Flight Information Centres (FIC). Assessing our services is part of a regular and continuous evaluation process where we identify opportunities to increase safety and enhance services for aircraft operators and the communities they serve.  

Feedback received through various stakeholder forums and interactions indicates that an assessment is warranted. As such, at the core of this process is a consideration for current and evolving stakeholder needs to inform potential service delivery enhancements.

This survey is part of the first phase where our goal is to further examine our operating environment, service methodologies, and the technology context against our stakeholders’ needs.  

As a stakeholder to whom we provide services through our FSS and FIC, you are well placed to provide a front-line perspective on what services are needed and how they can best be delivered. 

Please note that the review itself does not presuppose any conclusions or outcomes and any proposals will seek further stakeholder input.

Thank you for your participation and valuable feedback.