The Australian Government funds the National Environmental Science Programme (NESP) to support decision-makers to better understand, manage and conserve Australia’s environment with the best available information.
The NESP has established six research hubs to deliver world-class environmental science research in key areas.
The Hubs are:
  • Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub
  • Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub
  • Marine Biodiversity Hub
  • Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub
  • Threatened Species Recovery Hub
  • Tropical Water Quality Hub.
The NESP was established in 2014 and is now approaching the midway point of the funding period. 

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NESP supports research that has a strong end-user focus. End-users are the broad range of stakeholders (including the Australian Government, state and local governments, industry, business and community groups) whose decisions may impact on the environment.
Your response to this survey will be used to help understand if the NESP is 'on track' in supporting end-users and to identify opportunities for improvements. 

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