CeFPro's Non-Financial Risk Research 2021

Non-Financial Risk typically cover qualitative risks, and typically lack data sets to ‘measure’ the financial risk.

This international, and comprehensive survey, will seek to address a number of critical challenges, and opportunities, faced by non-financial risk professionals

- Status of the industry
- Current challenges, opportunities and threats
- Target specific and key non-financial risks being faced
- Explore and identify key vendors and consultants, and end-users’ preferences, cost-effectiveness and service levels
- Identify future trends and opportunities

All respondents of the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the report findings. Only questions with a * are compulsory to be answered and this is to avoid any conflict of interest.

Question Title

* About you
All responses will be treated as strictly confidential and all data collated will only be used by CeFPro for analysis. CeFPro requires name and email address to validate some responses. No contact information or data will be shared with third parties.

Question Title

* What are your top 3 non-financial risk topics for the coming 12 months? (Ranking in order of preference, 1 = most important , 2 = second most important, 3 = third most important)

Question Title

* Please state the relative priority for managing non-financial risk, compared to other financial risks (such as credit and market risks) in your organization currently:

Question Title

* How important do you rate the following investment areas for 2021:

  Not important Important Very important Most significant
AI / Automation
Business continuity / Disaster recovery
Change / Organizational risk (personnel, tech)
Climate change / Environmental risk
Conduct / Culture risk
Cyber security
Data management

Question Title

* Of the following non-financial risks, which areas do you work in, directly or indirectly:
(to avoid an overly lengthy survey, we recommend you select the top 3 or 4, which we will request some additional information on)